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Testing Across Group is a professional mold maker with injection presses ranging from 50T to 1200T, including 2K injection machine and gas assistant injection equipment, we can serve customer of different needs. We are able to reach requirement of both high aesthetic as well as close tolerance. Most of our current customers are world class with stringent quality requirement. We provide in-house testing with our own injection machines up to 1200T.

The Plastic Injection molding service strictly follows the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.

We have experience in the following materials:
PPO (Noryl)
Polyamide (Nylon) or Nylon + GF
TPE (Rubber)
Acetal(PMMA) and some special engineering materials such as PPS.

Master batches are obtained from quality suppliers in the area thus minimizing problems in color matching. Pantone and RAL colors are available on request. All master batches are mixed in a sterile area with ample dust extraction to ensure no problems with spotting occur. All moulds manufactured by Across and used in-house are free of any maintenance costs.

In addition to basic injection molding, Across has the capability to provide a variety of value added services.  These services range from multicolor pad printing to thermal insertion/heat staking to product assembly and packaging.  We can assist with design for ease of assembly, saving you money and time.
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